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Our Events

Children`s Day Celebration: 14th November 2014

Children have always been at the core of whatever we do at Choti Si Asha and it`s their happiness that we live and work for. We all love movies but only few of us are fortunate enough to enjoy them at theatres, so to give the unprivileged, poverty struck kids an experience of watching a movie at a theatre we decided to take 65 kids along with us for a movie at Natraj Cinema on the occasion of Children`s Day. the kids were provided with snacks to give them a wholesome experience. We would also like to thank Natraj Cinemas for sponsoring the show.

Christmas Fete: 25th December 2014

On the beautiful occasion of Christmas, the members of Choti Si Asha along with their kids orgainzed a fete for more than 1000 children coming from low income groups. Stalls with games and food were setup and everything was free for them. At the end the children were provided with a gift of their choice from Santa. This fete was organized at Rashtriya Bal Shiksha Kendra ground.

Gajnera Village Distribution : March and October 2015

Basic Nutritious food is a necessity and its scarcity can hamper the growth and development of a person. As per stats major Indian population is malnourished, so to we tried to do our bit in tackling this huge problem by distributing nutritious food packets comprising of groceries and raw food to more than 100 low income families in a village named Gajnera,near Bareilly twice once in March and then in October. We would like to thank Akansha Samiti and all those who stood by us and contributed in making this a success.

Awareness Programme : 29th August 2015

We have always focused on educating the masses and to bring a change in the society. To follow up on that members of Choti Si Asha invited the girl students from two Hindi medium schools in Bareilly namely Gurunanak Inter College and Arya Putri Inter college to educate them about things like difference between good touch and bad touch, women empowerment and personal hygiene. After the session all the students were provided with refreshments. This is something we believe can have a positive impact in the society and we will look forward to having more such sessions.

Kidney Donation : 26th February 2016

We have always tried to do our best to help anyone and everyone in need. On 26th February we donated 1 lakh rupees to a young boy suffering from kidney failure for his kidney transplant surgery. We would like to thank each and everyone who contributed in making this possible.

Website Launch : 20th March 2016

This was the website launch event where we rolled out the official website of Choti Si Asha i.e. The event was graced by the presence of a lot of dignitaries of the city. This event marked our presence on the web making us accessible to thousands of help who might be in need of help.

Carnival : 16th and 17th December 2016

Carnival was a two day musical extravaganza, organized to raise funds for our upcoming projects. The event had various kinds of stalls ranging from food, clothes, accessories, artifacts etc. which attracted all the people from in and around Bareilly to visit and shop. This Carnival also included distribution of more than 170 health insurances to ladies belonging from poor households in association with Clara Swain Mission Hospital, Bareilly.

Marathon: March 2017

We have always believed that awareness plays a very important role in bringing a change in the society. So in march 2017 our members decided to organize a marathon from Pancham Hotel to Company Garden, Bareilly to spread the message about women empowerment. Students from various schools of Bareilly along with the kids and husbands of the members of Choti Si Asha actively participated in the marathon making it a huge success.

Urban Haat Mela: 29th July 2017

Urban Haat mela was a two day event which focused on showcasing the works of local craftsmen and to provide them with a platform to showcase and sell their artifacts. This mela included stalls ranging from a huge variety of handicrafts, carpets, shawls, handmade jewellery , food and live music. This mela was organized in association with a local newspaper Amar Ujala.

Big Bazaar : 31st August 2017

For this event all the members of Choti Si Asha donated old clothes in good condition and they were put up on sale for the people belonging from low income groups. The prices of all kinds of clothes ranged from Rs.20 to a maximum of Rs.100 This event was a huge success as the end of day all the clothes were sold out. We would like to thank each and everyone who donated and helped in making this a huge success.

Swacchta Abhiyan(Rampur Garden and Police line):July 2018

Choti Si Asha started a Swachchta Campaign in the month of july at Rampur Garden and Police line areas of Bareilly city.This informational Campaign was started with the help of the local newspaper Dainik Jagran and Golds Gym under the guidance of the mayor of Bareilly Mr.Umesh Gautam. The aim of the campaign was to spread awareness among the masses about the unhygienic conditions of certain parts of the city and how to rectify it.

Ek Pehl : August 2018

This initiative was started by us to spread awareness for women safety by publicizing the helpline numbers for women safety provided by the police department and various ways to contact the authorities in case of any emergency. This initiative was a continuous program focused to reach a large audience and to maximize its impact students from Gurunanak Inter College and Arya Putri Inter College were gathered and informed about the process. It also included training of volunteers who were willing to join our team to work for this initiative at the ADG office, Bareilly.

Diya Utsav : November 2018

Diya Utsav was similar to Carnivals we had organized in the past but at a small scale. This event was primarily focused on showcasing the work of local vendors and helping them in scaling their businesses. The event comprised of a huge variety of stalls along with great food and live music.

Women Land Army : 4th February 2019

Choti Si Asha is an NGO which is solely run by women and works day and night for the welfare of women of our society. To follow up on that we organized a march to spread awareness about women empowerment, police helpline and emergency services numbers. Students from all the schools and colleges of Bareilly along with various dignitaries joined us in this event and showed their support. Students from Vyas World school also performed a Nukkad Natak spreading the same message.

Big Street Bazaar 2 : 15th April 2019

Looking forward to success of big street bazaar previously in 2017, we thought of organizing it again in 2019 but at a much larger scale. The amount of clothes put on sale was larger than before and the prices lower. This event was also a huge success as at the end of the day we were completely sold out.

Carnival : 21st and 22nd December 2019

Carnival was 2 day food and music extravaganza where vendors from in and around Bareilly showcase and sell their products. The products showcased are of different kinds ranging from food to clothes to artifacts to jewellery and many more. The event was designed in such a way that it attracted people from all age groups. The funds generated from events like these are used round the year to provide food and healthcare services to the needy people.

Awareness Programme(Civil Lines and Bakarganj): February 2020

Choti Si Asha cares a lot about the children of the society. Their welfare has always been one of our missions. We feel it is very important to educate the children about what is right and this what we tried to do in February by gathering the children from the streets of Civil lines and Bakarganj and tried to educate them about how to care of their personal hygiene and to motivate them to not to beg. The message was conveyed through a drawing activity, which the children really enjoyed.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services

This pandemic has hit us all hard and lakhs of people lost their source of livelihood because of it. In such uncertain times Choti Si Asha stood strong and provided free meals and ration for anyone in need. This distribution lasted for 65 days during the lockdown period providing for 2500 families almost 1,27,000 meals. This not only ends here, we are still providing any kind of services to anyone in need, be it healthcare, food or simply motivating our Corona warriors and we wish to continue the same ahead.